The Ultimate Guide to Growing Long, Fluttery Eyelashes

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Long, Fluttery Eyelashes

Your eyes are the windows to your soul and if that’s the case, you’d surely want others to see beauty when they look into your eyes. Moreover, your peepers are the focal point of your face that putting enough effort and time to enhance them is definitely worth it.

Long eyelashes add an extra point to your overall look. They make your eyes look prettier as well as they highlight your eye makeup. Every girl desires to have long eyelashes to enhance their beauty.

Whether you're blessed with naturally voluminous lashes or not, a set of lengthy or dramatic falsies can add a ton of glamour to any makeup look in a matter of seconds. But despite the growing number of people adding false lashes to their beauty routines, the common misconception surrounding them is that they're difficult to apply or look too obvious.

You might be tired of using extra layers of mascara and fake eyelashes to increase the volume of your eyelashes. Some people have naturally long eyelashes but most of might be struggling to get long beautiful eyelashes naturally. While some of you might be having small and thin eyelashes since birth whereas others might have damaged them due to some habits that contribute to the damage to the eyelashes.

The appearance of our eyelashes depends on two main things – properly done make-up and proper care. In both cases, we tend to make mistakes. What kind of?

The most common reason for the poor condition of our lashes is wrong make-up technique – applying too much mascara, careless removal, etc. Often, we use improper products – too runny, thick or expired formulas.

However, there are more things that we can be blamed for! We also forget about the most important factor, that is, proper, daily eyelash care.

You can take care of the appearance of your eyelashes even before you apply make-up. It’s definitely worth doing as healthy lashes are more beautiful and more susceptible to styling. There are professional eyelash serums available in shops (available also online) that nourish, moisturise and regenerate hair. They differ from each other in terms of composition, but their role is the same: strengthening, accelerating growth and preventing from falling out. In time eyelashes become longer, denser and more expressive.

Only healthy and properly nourished lashes will look good under a layer of mascara. Once we take proper care of our eyelashes’ health, it’s high time to choose the right mascara. Many women choose a mascara because of the brand or price. Unfortunately, these factors do not determine the quality of the product. Instead, it’s good to pay special attention to the applicator and the formula, as it actually reflects how the mascara works. Conditioning mascaras with caring ingredients, such as vitamins, panthenol, plant extracts or oils, are also becoming more and more popular.

Curling the eyelashes is one of those parts of a makeup application that never gets much credit but can produce remarkable results when done correctly. With a proper curl, lashes look longer, thicker, fuller, and the eyes themselves appear larger and more awake. Here are some ideas for you:

Heated Eyelash Curler

There are benefits — heated lash curlers do hold curl for longer. This is one of the highest ranked ones online and easy to use — it doesn’t become unbearably hot and you gently press it against the middle of your lash to mold it into a curl.








Stainless Steel Eyelash Curler

This lash curler can work with any shape of eye. It curls the lashes perfectly with no crimp — just a beautiful, natural curl along the full length of the lash.




                         S Eyelash Curler

                         This eyelash curler is gentle and easy to use. It doesn’t yank or tug at my lashes and the curl holds up pretty well. And as far as eyelas curlers go, the rose gold color makes it a little less boring... for an eyelash curler.



However, it’s worth remembering that even the results of the best conditioning mascara can be ruined by improper make-up removal.