What We Should Know About Hair Dryer Brush

What We Should Know About Hair Dryer Brush

There’s a wide variety of round brush dryers in the market. There are ceramic round brush dryers and tourmaline ionic round brush dryers, 1-inch round brush dryers and ¾ inch brushes, etc. How do you choose the best round brush dryer for your hair? You may be influenced by your budget when you make your choice, but you simply cannot go wrong with these amazing tools:


A small brush is best suited for short hair, while a long brush will benefit women with long hair. Large brushes also works better at straightening curly hair.

Heat softens the hair by breaking its hydrogen bonds. When this happens, hair becomes much easier to style. When shopping for a round brush dryer, see if it includes temperature controls. This way, you can easily adjust the heat to your type of hair. Consider the maximum heat settings. If you have thick and coarse hair, then you will need very high temperature settings. If you have thin hair, then you will need lower temperature to prevent heat damage.

The bristles should be gentle on yet have a good hold on your hair. They should have cold tips to prevent scalp burns and hair damage.

The Dangers of Buildup

When you use a lot of products in your hair, over time the residue from these products will start to build up on your brush and other hair styling tools. This residue build-up can increase the risk of your hair getting damaged by heat and it can also reduce the effectiveness of your brush as well. If your brush is not able to perform effectively because of build-up then your hair will come out looking lifeless and dull, and we don’t want that now, do we? So clean your brush regularly and avoid the damaging effects of having build-up.