Professional Beard Trimmer

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Professional Beard Trimmer

The Professional Beard Trimmer blade works the same as your typical trimmer. However, the blade cuts much closer than a trimming device you have ever tested. The blade head pivots about 30 degrees. It moves just enough to contour around your jawline and chin.

The Professional Beard Trimmer quickly switches from a shaver to an edge tool with no adjustments. All you do is use the edge of our device just like you would a trimmer. You can go from shaving your cheeks down along your beard to flipping over the Professional Beard Trimmer and cleaning up your sides.

Lining up your beard is easy. The little LED light installed in the device’s front helps with difficult to see areas, like under your chin or near your ear.

Out of the box, the Professional Beard Trimmer comes with a few attachments and other bits. They are:

One Shaving Head

The dual-blade shaving head is made of German stainless steel, with a smooth coating over the faceplate. That way it can glide over your skin.

Three Guide Combs

The packaged guides are in three sizes: 1mm, 3mm, and 5mm.

USB Power Cord

Pocket Brush

You also get one small brush to clean off the trimmer’s blade or guards.