Heated Beauty Facial Massager

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Heated Beauty Facial Massager

The Heated Beauty Facial Massager leading instrument effectively combines three ultra-modern beauty techniques of micro-current, hot compress and vibration massage, and integrates them into a portablebeauty instrument, which can be easily and conveniently used at any time. It can effectively awaken skin, promote skin absorption, make skin more symmetrical in visual sense, and skin heathier and brighter. 


Micro-current iontophoresis leading-highly effective skin care and beauty treatment eliminates wrinkles and tightens chin lines, reduce eye bags, eye circles and eye fine lines.

Normal temperature microseismic technology-vital skin, which can help to promote to local microcirculation, improve cell exchange, reach melanin cells in the inner layer of epidermis, regulate melanin synthesis, and further improve melanin deposition.

42℃ hot compress technology can promote local blood circulation, activate skin cell tissue, tighten and white skin, effectly brighten skin color, and remove color spots and other defects.

Perfect for cooperating with eye cream, it will achieve the best effect.

Safe and no side effect. Suitable for all kinds of skin.

Heated Beauty Facial Massager is made of high grade material, which is durable, effective and also eco-friendly.