Lavender Shampoo with Natural Lavender Oil and Keratin by Damascena

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Imagine starting every day with fresh, bright supple hair combined with a beautiful, intoxicating lavender scent that whispers femininity. The lovely smell of lavender is one of those experiences that can ignite fond memories of romantic moments and pure serenity.

This is something that can only be achieved with a 100% pure and natural hair care shampoo. Our lavender shampoo is created to help you look your very best, with minimal effort and maximum sparkle.

Your hair tells a thousand stories about the way you treat yourself. Yet so many women risk the health of their hair by damaging it with harsh, chemical-based shampoos that strip their hair of its natural ph balance, leaving it prone damage and pollutions.

Everyone likes a bargain, but why to make compromise on you?

Go ahead, treat yourself today.

 [ULTIMATE BALANCE] – Organic lavender shampoo moisturizes tones refreshes and restores elasticity of your hair; After use the hair regains its natural healthy look, shine and beauty; Our lavender shampoo leaves hair clean and brings it back to life

 [HAIR SPA THERAPY] – Keratin makes curly hair less frizzy easier to style and detangle softer and smooth straighter in appearance; Protects and repair your hair from being dried out by heat or dyes

 [COLOR PROTECT] – Our color safe shampoo keeps color vibrant and is scented with the freshness of Bulgarian Lavender Stalks; Our organic shampoo adds an extra layer of defense by sealing in the color enhance shine and protect from color-fade

 [VOLUME BOOSTER] – Adds volume and dimension for a fuller look and helps promote scalp health and hair growth Lavender Oil helps to reduce hair excessive oiliness scalp inflammation and dryness

 [HAIR TYPE] – Suitable for all hair types; Provides best result for dry and coarse hair; Lavender oil’s divine fragrance is calming and soothing and you will feel more relaxed and energized

 [SAFE PRODUCT] – Shampoo is perfect for wavy, curly hair; It is sulfates silicones parabens gluten phthalates and drying alcohol free; Not tested on animals