Juniper Water 100 ml Spray

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The juniper water is entirely natural product obtained by steam distillation of branches and fruits of Juniperus Communis Fruit. It has a fresh sweet aroma with gentle woody notes. The juniper water has antiallergic and antiseptic action. It tones and cleanses. Juniper water is particularly suitable for oily skin prone to acne as it regulates the production of sebum, cleans and tightens expanded pores. Its use triggers the lymphatic system, which helps to stop the retention of fluid. In this way, it is good for cellulite. It is used as a natural antiperspirant, wound healing and tonic.
Directions: Used as a base or ingredient
of home-made recipes for specific problems – acne, cellulite. Use as a face tonic and in combination with other floral waters. Suitable for inhalation. Ingredients: 100% natural juniper water Storage: In a dark and cool place away from direct sunlight and sources of heat.