Triple Barrel Curling Iron

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Triple Barrel Curling Iron

The Kemei Triple Barrel Curling Iron has an innovative design that makes it quick and easy for you to get stylish curly hair. It is ideal for use by professionals as well as beginners. Thanks to the high-end system of this curler, it requires only 30 seconds of preheating to give you incredible results. Moreover, the special anti-scald design of this curler ensures the protection of your skin. Also, the high-quality build of this curler ensures long-lasting use.

This Kemei Triple Barrel Curling Iron lets you create beautiful S or curly waves in your hair. With a high-end mechanism embedded into this curler, the preheating takes only up to 30 seconds whereas, in a minute or two, you can get the perfect curly hair. Also, this curler renders uniform distribution of heat, thanks to which, hair damage is reduced to a significant extent.

This Kemei Triple Barrel Curling Iron is built using a premium quality ceramic material, allowing you to use it for a long time without a second thought. With one switch and 2 modes (170°C and 220°C) adjustable temperature the Triple Barrel Curling Iron is safe to use.


Voltage: 110-220V

Power: 45W

Temperature control: Adjustable 170°C, 220°C

Cable length: 1.7m

Diameter of barrel: 22mm