8pcs/Set Portable Spray Refillable Bottles Kit

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Item Type: Refillable Bottles
Size: 30ml
Size: 200 X 150 X 50mm/7.87 X 5.91 X 1.97
Feature 1: Empty Bottles
Feature 2: Empty Spray Refill Bottles
Feature 3: Travel Lotion Container
Feature 4: Empty Spray Refill Bottles Kit
Feature 5: Spray Bottle
Feature 6: Pressure Bottle
Feature 7: Mask Bottle
Feature 8: Squeeze Bottle

  • PRACTICAL: Various sizes of bottles to meet different needs
  • MATERIAL: Our product is made of high quality plastic which is durable in use and Eco friendly
  • EASY TO TRANSFER: A pipette, funnel and mini spatula are included in the kit, allowing you to transfer your liquids, lotions, gels and creams into the bottles and jars with great ease
  • THROUGH SECURITY: When you travel by plane, there are rules regarding the amount of certain liquids, lotions, gels and creams that you can take with you and how to pack and carry these items
  • TRAVEL KIT: No need to lug around large bottles, tubes and cans that contain an excess of lotion, liquid, gel and cream. Cut down on weight and keep everything organized with this Travel Kit