Acne Laser Pen Portable Wrinkle Removal Machine Durable Soft Scar Remover Device Blue Light Therapy Pen Massage Relax KD-7910

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Material: PLASTIC
False Eyelash Craft: Machine Made
Model Number: Acne Laser Pen KD-7910
Size: approx.135*19*19mm
Power Source: Dry Battery
Function: Skin Rejuvenation,Skin Tightening,Facial Clean,Dead Skin Removal
Brand Name: AOPHIA
Type: Acne Laser Pen KD-7910
color: white
Battery: 1*AA Battery(not include)
feature 1: Promote combination of protein and bone collagen
feature 2: activate the skin, tighten the loosen skin
feature 3: Effectively inhibit acne bacillus
feature 4: improve red spot, oily skin and heavy sensitive skin, shirk pore
feature 5: remove acne.
feature 6: kill the bacteria in the skin and pores
feature 7: accelerate the natural die of pimples.
feature 8: Loose skin tightening, pores shrinking, eliminate acne bacteria
feature 9: KD-7910 Acne Laser Pen , KD7910 ,KD 7910
KD-7910: KD-7910