Bulgarian Rose Water by Damascena Organic Rose Water Face Spray

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Hey, do you want a healthy, vibrant and young-looking face like ours? You can have it in just a few days with a simple and very effective beauty routine. Our rose water will condition and calm your skin for the day by leaving it clean, healthy and well hydrated.  Your face tells everything about the way you treat yourself. Your beautiful skin is priceless, don’t treat it with chemical-based cosmetics which breaks its natural ph balance, leaving the skin prone to free radical damage and premature ageing.

Take care of yourself today!

Damascena is the most prolific cultivars in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley. We combine unique distillation technique and century-old traditions to provide the best quality you deserve.  Our mission is to contribute your health and beauty by using only organic natural ingredients in our products

Daily Care:  - After cleansing  - After shower  - When sunburned  - To set makeup  - After shaving / waxing  - During travel   Suitable for all skin and hair types.


-Restoring, toning and moisturizing 

- Rejuvenate  and prevent aging

- Helps with cuts, scars, and burns

- Enhances mood and uplifts emotional levels

 -Balances skin Ph level  and reduces skin redness

-Protects, purifies skin and soothe skin irritation

FANTASTIC RESULTS - Your skin will looks healthier, younger and shining; Bring balance to the pH level of your skin by removing excess oils and dirt; Gently soften and hydrate your skin. Rose water reduces puffiness in the eyes simply spray it on the cotton balls and keep on your eyes for a few minutes


MULTI PURPOSE - Rose water enhances, strengthens and refreshes the hair, makes it look nourished and glossy; Rosewater works wonders as a natural conditioner and revitalises hair growth; Bulgarian rose water is the best makeup remover you can find, just add some drops of our rose water to a wipe to infuse the cleanser and exfoliate your skin; Eye cleaner: Douse a cotton ball with rose water and rub on your eyes for a soothing effect

HEAL & RELAX – Rose water is the undoubtedly beauty's magic potion, and also remarkably versatile that can help wounds heal faster; Helps to clean cuts, burns, and even scars heal faster; Rosewater rids you of feelings of anxiety and promotes emotional well-being; Every night at bedtime spray a few drops of rose water on your pillow, bed, feet or face and you will sleep like a baby

THE PRODUCT - HIGHEST grade and FINEST quality and number 1 facial rose water toner out there; Our Rose water is a 100% pure natural product obtained by distillation from the fresh Bulgarian Rosa Damascena flower; This beautifully simple product is rich in natural antioxidants, suitable for all skin types even for the delicate baby skin; THE best beauty accessory for women who want a healthy youthful goddess appearance

✔ THE MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE –Lots of women all over the world are really happy and grateful with the results after using our pure rose water toner and we believe that you will love it too.  In the unlikely case that it fails to deliver the results you are looking for.