Hair Curling Iron

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Hair Curling Iron

This Hair Curling Iron is the simple way to create big bouncy waves or tight curls. It works with long hair, thick hair or shorter hair. The tongs will automatically switch off after 60 mins so you don’t have to worry if you’ve left them on while you're out.

The one, large, barrel can be used to create a range of curls. For tight ringlets use a higher temperature and wrap hair around the narrower end of the tapered tong. Bouncy waves can be made with larger sections of hair wrapped around the thick end of the barrel with a lower temperature. As with all curling tongs you’ll have lots of fun experimenting to see which heat settings and styles work best for you.

This Hair Curling Iron heats up quickly. Change the temperature of the curling iron between 80°C - 210°C to suit your hair and the type of curl you want to create. It’s easy to know what temperature the curling iron is set to as it is shown on the digital display.

The barrel doesn’t use a clip to keep the hair in place, so there’s less risk of damage and breakage to your hair. You can use the cool-touch tip and 360° swivel cord to manipulate the curling iron and create the style you want. With a 2m cable you can easily curl your hair in front of the mirror without being restricted by the plug socket.