Lavender Oil 10 ml

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The lavender oil is a 100% natural product obtained by steam distillation of Lavandula vera. It is the safest and most useful oil in aromatherapy and one of the few oils that can be applied directly to the skin.
Extremely fragrant lavender oil can be used to make home-made cosmetics such as creams, lotions, tonics or perfume compositions. It not only gives a pleasant scent, but also has an antiseptic and nourishing effect, even in irritated, injured or reddened skin. In aromatherapy, it is most often used in conditions of anxiety, mental fatigue or stress as it is believed to have a beneficial relaxing and relaxing effect. Lavender oil is one of the few essential oils that is not supposed to cause allergies and is suitable for use even in young children, of course pre-dissolved in base oil. It is very well mixed with other oils and increases their activity in mixtures.