Pure Rose Oil 6ml.

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Rose oil is extracted from fresh flowers of Rosa Damascena Mill oil by steam distillation. Rose oil is used as a hypoallergen. It has a strong aroma of fresh roses, which can be described as sweet, floral, feminine, rich, warm, tempting and intoxicating but durable. The top, middle and base notes of the oil are strong and it works in synergy with other essential oils. At lower
temperatures, the oil crystallizes and, when heated, re-liquefies. Rose oil should not be used on its own but should be added to the carrier oil before it is applied to the skin. May be added to massage oils, lotions and face creams, to be used for baths or showers and inhalations. Used extensively in cosmetics, it helps to soften, rejuvenate and regenerate or to soothe the reddened and prone to irritation skin. Rose oil improves elasticity and acts favorably on fine lines around the eyes.